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“What truly set Erik Nelsen surf camp apart was the personalized attention given to each surfer. The small group sizes ensured that every participant received individualized instruction and feedback, allowing for rapid progress in their surfing skills while maintaining safety. The instructors were patient, approachable, and always ready to provide guidance, making the learning process both enjoyable and rewarding for my son with special needs. Pick up and drop off were a breeze with Erik personally helping the kids out of their cars. The staff were incredible and not a single child had a sunburn with their religious sunscreen application! I’d like to speak to someone to commend Newport for having such an inclusive program!”

– Barbara

“Fantastic camp! She went last year and was equally excited this year. Loved the instructors. The lead was very helpful to parents too! I highly recommend this program!”

– Tina S.

“As with Erik Nelsen Surf Camp, 15th Street Beach Sports is as well run. All counsellors are very professional, and lots of fun!”

– Jonathan

“Best Camp in OC. We sign our son up for the first 2 weeks of summer every year. Would highly recommend, super safe 4-1 instructor to student ratio!”

– Lindsay M.

“Erik Nelsen really has his camps very well run. You get what you pay for!”

– Lisa Ann

“This camp is great. Your counselors are very professional and supportive of all the kids and their needs. They give a lot of one on one attention to the kids. I was impressed how they apply sunscreen on the kids 3 times a day and watch how they interact with each kid giving them high fives and cheering them on. My boys loved this camp and would highly recommend it to all those parents out there.”

– Deirdre

“Jean-Paul had the absolute best time with you guys over the two weeks. Our twin girls did the camp years ago and enjoyed it tremendously. It was great to have our son do it this year. You guys run an incredible program with top notch instructors and an unmatched, safe and organized system! Everyone is happy, helpful and caring. Keep up the great work!”

– Paul & Angelique

“Thanks again for a great camp this week, Maple and Stryker had a blast! We’ve heard so many stories over the years about kids getting sun sick, or spending very little time in the water at various surf camps; I’m so grateful to you and your team for making this so positive, safe, healthy and fun! And the schwag bags + photos were a totally unexpected and much appreciated bonus. All our gratitude, and wishing you an amazing rest of the summer.”

– Erin

“Justin had an awesome time at surf camp! Thank you and the team! And, LOVE the surf individual and group photo!”

– Erika

“The best!! I was hesitant to invest in a week session because my son detests most camps and won’t go back after the first day. Not the case here! He had so much fun, made new friends and learned a lot. From drop-off to pick-up the staff and Erik made it super easy for me and fun for Markus; in the end I felt it was a deal for all of the instruction and care the kids get. We will definitely be back next year!”

– Taylor Willis

“My son attended 5 summers with this camp and loved each and everyday of it. Fist off, this is not a couple hour camp for the Surfers this is an all day event. This organization is so very organized, the staff is very friendly and professional. Erik takes pride in each of his camps you can obviously tell it is a passion of his to teach the young girls and boys to learn the safety of the water, proper surf etiquette, the importance of tide change and respect and keep the beach clean. In addition to that, they not only teach water safety they apply sunscreen generously through out the day to show the kids that it is one of the most important things to remember while visiting the beach. We were comfortable knowing our son was well taken care of. They also play fun beach games with the kids as a group. The staff’s mission is to get each surfer up for a fun photo. Pick up and drop off is effortless. Trust me your son or daughter will be exhausted at the end of the day.”

– Sherry Bradfield

“We LOVE Erik and his camp. Our daughter started going when she was 5 years old and this summer will enter her 8th and 9th camps. The first time we dropped her off she could swim in a pool and was not ocean safe. Erik said “in 25 years we haven’t lost one yet.” After driving away against every parent’s instinct, our daughter came out beaming, raving, excited and begging to go back. Her confidence shot through the roof. She made friends, learned about the ocean, tides, moon cycles, discovered colored zinc and that running in the sand is hard work! It is a permanent part of her summer experience and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up working at the camp when she is old enough. Erik’s whole operation is professional, fun and efficient, designed to enhance the kid’s lives that attend.”

– Todd Sievers

“My kids had an amazing time at Erik Nielsen Surf Camps! We have done it twice now and looking forward to signing up again. The instructors are all very professional. Love that they teach water safety, apply sun screen and get the kids in the water at the level that suits the age group! Both my 6 year old and 9 year old loved learning to surf, playing beach games and having a truly great time! i highly recommend Eriks camp to anyone and everyone!”

– Nadene Wisely


“It’s a must for all Southern Cal kids!! This over protective grandmother had to inspect and watch the first day of camp! I was amazed at the organization of the camp! Everyone involved was so friendly and truly loved all the kids! All three grandkids loved it and are now repeats. They love to surf and were taught to respect our beautiful beaches and ocean! Just a great experience!”

– Jan Brown

“The perfect mix of gentle waves, a structured program, professional directorship and fun, young staff. My son was a first-timer and left the camp begging for a rerun! Erik Nelsen knows surfing, knows kids, and has been a wonderful inspiration to my family for over 20 years. See you this summer Frogger!”

– Scarlet Delia

“Such and organized, safe, fun and awesome camp for my 6-year-old and 7-year-old! Not only did they learn how to surf, but they also learned so much about ocean safety and marine life. We have returned to Erik’s camp three times now and highly recommend it to anyone!”

– Lauren Carter

“An all around amazing ocean experience! Whether you are an aspiring pro surfer or just looking for some summer-time fun, Erik is your guy!”

– Matt Passaquindici

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